Walk to Work Week, 12-16 May 2014

Well done to everyone who took part in a fantastic Walk to Work Week. Together we clocked up a fantastic 56,418 miles. That’s…


10,151 muffins burned, or 5,471,449 Calories


2.27 times around the equator


And 9,798kg of CO2 saved!

Congratulations to our top walking workplaces

WTWWBy average miles – so the total miles divided by the number of employees participating – the top three workplaces are:

1. Capita, with an average of a whopping 85.75 miles per person!
2. University Square Stratford (Birkbeck) with an average 71.21 miles per person
3. I-Paye Ltd with an average of 51.56 miles.


By total miles, the top three workplaces are:

1. Glasgow 2014 Limited, whose 148 participants walked a total of 2239.57 miles!
2. Royal Borough of Greenwich, whose 104 walking employees walked 2085.73 miles
3. The University of London, whose 118 members walked 2072.12 miles.

And honourable mentions also go to other workplaces in the ‘total miles’ top ten:

  • Anglia Ruskin UniversityWTWW
  • Devon County Council
  • Shepherd and Weddenburn in Edinburgh
  • the London Borough of Redbridge
  • Surrey County Council, and
  • the University of Essex

who all walked at least 700 miles in total. 

Our top three individual walking champions are:

1. Melanie T, who walked a whopping 160.30 miles
2. Tony M, who walked 131.60 miles
3. Ben D, who walked 109.50 miles

Highly impressive stuff!

WTWWAnd congratulations too to Maggie W from Inverness, who's the winner of our iPad prize draw.

If you had fun taking part in Walk to Work Week and you’d like to share your story, drop us an email at’d love to hear from you!