Walking and work

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Walking is a great way to stay trim and helps keep your heart healthy.

It saves on petrol and bus fares, and is better for our planet. It’s easy to fit some more walking in to your working week. Whether it’s making changes to how you travel to work, or getting out more at lunchtimes, Living Streets can help.

“After a long day in the office I feel more energised if I've walked home rather than gone on the bus or Metro.” Emily, 25

Walking factsheets

We've put together a range of factsheets about walking to work. Download them below:

Top walking tips

How to run a walking meeting

Walking and health

Walking and equality

Promoting walking at work

Finding your way

Finding your way in London

If you're an employer looking for ways to promote sustainable travel at work, visit our Healthier workplaces pages.


Make the most of your commute

The journey to or from work can be a really easy way to get in a bit more walking, either by walking all or part of the way. Walk down to the next bus stop, get off a stop early or park a few streets away from the office. Take to your feet to arrive invigorated and inspired for the day ahead. Or use the walk back to unwind and leave the working day behind you.

Lunch al fresco, not lunch ‘al desko’

Get out at lunchtime for some much-needed exercise and fresh air. Why not ask colleagues to share their top lunchtime spots or shops? Sign up today to share your own top tips with friends and colleagues.

These boots are made for walking

Join the trend of people sporting a ‘suit and trainers’ combo. Pick out your comfiest trainers for your walk to work. You can always pack your smart shoes into a bag to change into once you’ve arrived. Or keep a pair of trainers at work for your lunchtime outings. Your feet will thank you for it!

Get motivated

Sign up and log your walks to see your total miles walked, calories burned and CO2 saved. You can share stories and photos with colleages and get some healthy competition going. See who can be top walker in your office.