Free Your Feet walking challenge

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Would you like healthy, alert students arriving at a safe, congestion-free school gate every morning?     

So would we! Living Streets' Free Your Feet challenge is a simple and effective whole-school walking challenge. Our Free Your Feet kits, will ensure you have everything your secondary school needs to run the week-long challenge.

How does the challenge work?

It's simple: order a Free Your Feet kit from the contact below. We'll send you the kit. You choose a convenient date for your school to take part. We'll help you to run the challenge over the week, then you tell us how it went!

Our kits contain:

•    Powerpoint slides for assemblies, tutor group time and foyer screens
•    Postcards for students to record their walking
•    Pack of 30 posters (assorted designs)
•    £50 shopping voucher (prize for one student) – sent on completion of the challenge
•    Vinyl railing banner

What are the benefits?

Free your Feet increases students’ awareness of the benefits of walking, and encourages them to walk as much as they can, on their school journeys, over a week.

Student postcards are collected at the end of the week, and entered into a prize draw, with one student at each participating school winning the £50 shopping voucher. Everyone who has walked at all (however far), has an equal chance of winning.

For schools already engaged with the new Healthy Schools approach, the challenge is an ideal way of satisfying a ‘meaningful outcome’ as its pre-, and post-event surveys show sustainable modal shift.

Schools who took part in Living Streets’ Free Your Feet challenge in 2011 saw walking levels increase by up to 15%.

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