Encouraging walking

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We're here to support everyone in walking to school. Whether it's all the way, getting off the bus one stop early or parking a little distance away from the school gates - it all helps!

Walking to school is one of the easiest ways to improve you and your children’s health. And it's free, great for the environment, and social. 90% of parents who walk their children to school recognise the journey’s importance for them to socialise with their children. Over a third stated that the journey to school is where they find out the most about their child’s life.

Run Walk Once a Week (WoW) at Home

One great way to encourage your children to walk is with our WoW scheme, which rewards children for walking with collectable badges. You can order our brand new ‘Parents’ Pack’ online, for a whole year's worth of badges and a wall-chart to record your child’s walking at home.

Take action

If you want to improve the streets in your area, or your child's walk to school, check our free downloadable Campaign Packs, which will help you take action locally.  You can also find out if there are any Local Groups campaigning in your area.