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Living Streets' Walk to School campaign offers a variety of proven and effective, value-for-money schemes. We can help you meet key government targets and strategic objectives.

Through our local authority partnerships, we work with over 750,000 children in 2,000 schools and every year thousands more take part in the national schemes and events we run, including Walk once a Week (WoW) and Walk to School Week. We produce resources for schools to encourage walking, which local authorities can order directly from us. Find out about our schemes for primary schools and secondary schools.

Why take part?

Our schemes are proven, simple and cost-effective. Increased walking to school supports numerous key government objectives in England. Strategically, increased walking to school will also help you reach your health based targets.

In Scotland, walking to school contributes to the national physical activity indicator.

Worried about funding?

In the current financial climate with budgets being cut, local authorities and schools are showing that there are lots of innovative ways to fund Walk Once a Week (WoW).

We have developed our Walk Once a Week (WoW) fundraising toolkit which has been designed to give you information and ideas on fundraising within your school to help support and sustain your involvement in the Living Streets' Walk to School campaigns. Whilst primarily focusing on the WoW scheme, everything can easily be adapted to support our other scheme such as Walk to School Week, and Walk to School Month.

Writing to a local business template letter (MS Word file)
Sponsorship form template (MS Word file)
Fund-o-meter template (pdf format)
Strider collection box (pdf format)
Ways to fund WoW for Local Authorities and PCTs