Record number of miles walked for Walk to Work Week 2011

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Record miles walked for Walk to Work Week 2011

A big well done to everyone who took part in Walk to Work Week 2011. Here's the lowdown:

  • Over 8,000 people took part and used our great new online tool My Living Streets to log miles, steps and minutes walked.
  • Together we walked around 76,000 miles, smashing last year’s total of 71,600.
  • We walked the equivalent of more than three times round the equator, with a total potential saving of almost 11,300kg of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • We burned off the equivalent of over 13,500 muffins. So, go on treat yourself - you deserve it!

Workplace administrators can download their own group's stats for the Week directly from My Living Streets but we know some of you are keen to know just who were top of the pops so we've compiled a few top ten listings (though obviously it's the taking part that counts):


Top 10 individuals - most miles walked

Position Name  Area Total miles walked
1 Simon Barker  Malvern Hills 113.32
2 Yvy Carter  Camden 103.24
3 Geraldine McDermott  Sandwell 103.05
4 Geoff Holburt  Bolton 103
5 Sonia Demonte  Kingston upon Thames 101.79
6 Stephen Whelan  South Tyneside 93
7 Julie Manning  Tendring 91.21
8= Alan Nicholson  Wakefield 91
8= Jez Allen  West Lindsey 91
10 Sarah Mills  Kingston upon Thames 89


Top Ten Workplaces - most miles walked

Position Workplace Total miles walked
1  Wigan Borough Council - all buildings 1961.4 
2  London Borough of Redbridge, Redbridge Council 1377.92
3  Gateshead College 1314.04 
4  Lambeth Council (London Borough of Lambeth) - all sites 1276.32 
5 Kingston Hospital NHS Trust 1150.94
6 Camden NHS Health Champions 1127.88
7 University of Aberdeen 1120.48
8 Knowsley Council and Knowsley PCT 1081.8
9 London Borough of Camden 984.82
10 Sanctuary Group 964.07


Can't find your group? Download our Top Ten summary.

How did you find Walk to Work Week?

“I enjoyed getting out walking with my work colleagues and having a good chat while enjoying a brisk lunchtime walk and felt energised and ready for an afternoon’s work.” Emma, Bedfordshire.

“I enjoyed the Walk to Work Week so much and felt the benefits in energy levels and relaxation that I decided to continue walking to work and back each day as often as possible. Now I am mid way through week 3 I have noticed a real difference in my walking speed and have lost weight as an added bonus!” Jan, South Yorkshire.

“I parked my car approx 20 mins from office and walked to and from each day. I saved money by not using the car park in town and lost 6lbs in weight. I am continuing to do this now.” Christine, Crownagents.

“My team arranged Walk to Work Week for our organisation. Almost 50 people signed up and walked 785 miles! It was a great competition which created a good team spirit. The most positive outcome of the week is that so many of the people who participated have told us how much they enjoyed the week and have continued to walk to work now even though the competition is over.” Jenna, Sheffield.

“Walk to work week was a good motivator for me to kick start my healthier lifestyle, Within a couple of days it became easier to walk further, it was very easy to incorporate walking into my work & home life routine which I have and will continue.” Gail, London.

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Walk to Work Week

Walk to Work Week 2012 took place 14-18 May as part of the Great British Walking Challenge.

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