School walking schemes and safety

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Walk Together scheme

A Walk Together scheme involves sharing the walk to school with other parents on the school journey. Taking it in turns to walk your children to school can help, as walking regularly can be difficult for some parents.

Getting started is simple – we’ve put together a resource for schools and parents, to run a session finding out who lives where and what days they are able to walk. Download our Walk Together toolkit.

Walking Zones

Car exclusion zones are set areas around schools where cars are banned. They can be any distance, but tend to vary between 200 metres radius and half a mile. These strongly encourage children and parents to walk the whole way, or park at the edge of the zone and walk the rest of the way to school known as Park and Stride. Sometimes when a car-free zone isn’t possible, a no-stopping zone during school hours is implemented.

Exclusion zones around schools stops parents being stuck in congestion, but also reduce the potential for collisions around the school gates. They help to create a safe and pleasant environment around the school, whilst helping children lead more active lifestyles.

If you are interested in setting up a car-free zone around your school, download our Walking Zones toolkit.

Park and Stride

Park and Stride simply means driving some of the way to school, parking up and walking the rest of the way. It's great for families that live a long way from school, and can’t walk the whole way. It has the added benefit of reducing congestion around the school entrance, making it safer for children to enter their school.

To Park and Stride, all you need to do is find somewhere to park within walking distance of your school. You can change this regularly, so you and your child get to explore and learn more about the area around school.

If you’ve found a good spot, why not tell your school? They can tell other parents and get as many people as possible fitting in a spot of walking and enjoying their journey to school.

Schools can download our Park and Stride toolkit, which includes everything you will need to set up a Park and Stride scheme for your school. We've also got editable template letters for requesting permission from car park owners and informing parents/carers about the scheme.

If enough families want to Park and Stride, you can set up a Walk Together scheme from the Park and Stride meeting point.

Chelsfield Primary School parks and strides

Chelsfield Primary School in Bromley run their park and stride scheme using a local Koi Fish Farm car park.

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