Supporting Community First panels

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Talk about, walkabout and do something about: supporting Community First panels

The Community First programme is helping communities to come together to identify their strengths and local priorities. The programme will help communities plan for their future and become more resilient.

Living Streets works with local communities to improve local environments and get more people out walking.  Focused on enabling communities, our work gives people the skills to improve their surroundings and the opportunity to achieve Living Streets awards. This benefits communities through increased cohesion, improved health and wellbeing, more independence and confidence for vulnerable people and stronger local economies.

Our tried-and-tested approach provides an excellent opportunity to bring your community together:

  • Community consultation and walkabouts will identify local opportunities and problems, and prioritise action.
  • Community activities will encourage volunteering, get local people involved and improve quality of life.
  • We will celebrate our successes, promoting a sense of local ownership and pride.

The process has a demonstrable track record of supporting and revitalising existing groups, as well as starting new ones. We also have significant experience of leveraging time, money and other resources to support local volunteer action.

For more information about our offer to community panels, please download the outline document, and contact your local Coordinator.

Read inspirational examples of what communities have achieved across the country, including case studies, short film testimonials and in-depth evaluation (and an easy-to-read summary, by clicking below.

Fitter for walking

Living Streets' award winning work with local communities to improve local environments and get more people out walking.

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