Step out in Leyton

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Living Streets is pleased to award the Leyton Links scheme a seal of approval. The main objective of the scheme is to improve access, connectivity, aesthetics and retail appeal for this vibrant and varied high street in close proximity to the Olympic Park.

Living Streets will build on the success of the capital improvements to promote more walking in the area through a social media campaign which will encourage people to visit, shop, and enjoy themselves in the area. Increased use of the new space will reinvigorate shops and bring local streets to life for local residents and visitors. Living Streets has funding from London Councils to promote more walking in newly improved streets across London.

The Leyton Links prgramme used quality materials to promote a sense of place along the High Road and reveal key landmarks.

The Leyton Links improvements scheme:

Re-design for pedestrian movement, featured lighting and use of high quality materials in the high street at key locations:

1. Leyton Cricket Ground
2. Lion & Key
3. Coronation Gardens link to Sidmouth Park
4. Leyton Library and LMO
5. Leyton Tube Station
6. Drapers Field – redesign of park area
7. Connector roads: Ruckholt Road and Orient Way
Improved accessibility from High Road Leyton into the Leyton Mills retail park and through to the Olympic Park

Improved connectivity

• Build a brand new bridge for pedestrian and cyclists to use across Ruckholt Road.
• Introduce new lighting and redesign in Ruckholt Road
• Revamp Ruckholt area with diverse eco life and new 12metre high bird boxes and new 15m high Bull Rush sculpture.
• Introduce Legible London wayfinding

Improve shop fronts and upper facades to three parades in Leyton town centre.

Waltham Forest has produced a PDF detailing the improvements. Download the PDF