Healthy environments toolkit

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The 'Creating Healthy Environments Toolkit' was developed in 2009 and updated in 2010, thanks to funding from Scottish Government. It aims to provide a collection of tools that help local authorities to improve our villages, towns and cities for those on foot. It also helps to tackle barriers to active lifestyles within the built environment.

The toolkit is designed to be used by policy and decision makers; by professionals within local authorities including planners, transport planners, roads engineers, access officers, sustainable development and health improvement officers and town centre managers.

Download the Healthy Environments executive summary, or contact us if you wish to discuss uses of the full toolkit.Scottish Government


Healthy environments toolkit section 2: Evidence and policy

Download section 2.1 on Health and Physical Activity
A summary of the evidence on the link between physical activity, health and the built environment.

Download section 2.2 on Healthy Environments
The policy position on physical activity, health and the built environment.

Download section 2.3 on Creating Healthy Environments
Approaches to integrating healthy environments into planning, transport and other local authority strategies and programmes.

Healthy environments toolkit section 3: Tools

16 practical measures that help improve the walkability of the public realm, including relevant guides, standards, audits, and assessments. Wherever possible, case studies have been provided to demonstrate the practical use of the tools.

Download section 3.1: Community Street Audits

Download section 3.2: Greenspace & Open Space Audits   

Download section 3.3: 20 mph Limits

Download section 3.4: Designing Streets for People  

Download section 3.5: Local Design Guides     

Download section 3.6: Placecheck

Download section 3.7: Placemaking

Download section 3.8: Public Realm Design Guidance     

Download section 3.9: Design for Play

Download section 3.10: Tackling Anti-social Behaviour      

Download section 3.11: Health Impact Assessment

Download section 3.12: Integrating Health into Planning

Download section 3.13: Cleanliness Index Monitoring System

Download section 3.14: Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance and Evaluation of Active Travel Projects

Download section 3.15: Health Improvement tools for the Single Outcome Agreement Process

Download section 3.16: Masterplanning