Making the North East fitter for walking

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Read about neighbourhoods in the North East that have achieved the Living Streets Award.

Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, wins Living Streets Award

The Monkwearmouth community in Sunderland has made their neighbourhood a more attractive place to walk.

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Plains Farm wins Living Streets Award

The Plains Farm community in Sunderland has made walking routes in the area more accessible.

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Better streets in Brandling, Gateshead

Residents in Brandling worked with the council to make the route to the Metro station more welcoming.

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Gosforth, Newcastle, gets people out walking

Gosforth residents got people out walking and enjoying their local streets, park and heritage.

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Highfield, Gateshead, wins Living Streets Award

Highfield residents have made the school routes and community centre more safe, and got people walking more.

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