Workshops and training

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More and more responsible employers are adopting a proactive approach to staff wellbeing. Research shows physical activity helps reduce stress levels, increase motivation, improve general physical health and reduce absenteeism.

Our workshop comprises a mixture of presentations, interactive sessions and a facilitated walkabout to demonstrate how to audit walking routes.

Topics include:

  • What is a Walking Champion?
  • How to identify barriers to walking
  • Accessing the workplace
  • Introducing walking into daily routines
  • How to motivate and incentivise
  • How to maintain momentum

Participants learn how to conduct a basic audit of a walking route, how to run walking promotions and  develop a plan of activities for your organisation. Workshops can be attended by participants from one organisation or a number of different organisations.

For information on how Living Streets can help you, contact Annabel Swanston by emailing or calling 07872 505943.