Promoting walking at work

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Walking can help reduce stress levels, increase motivation and improve general physical health, reducing absenteeism. There are plenty of ways we can help you promote active travel throughout your organisation.

Sign up your workplace on our website and invite employees to join. They’ll be able to log their walks, and see totals for their miles walked, calories burned and CO2 saved. There are workplace-wide totalisers too, and leaderboards to encourage some healthy competition to become top walker. We can also create bespoke walking challenges or events for a single site or across multiple locations. Find out more today - email us or call 020 7377 4900 to discuss your needs.

Here are some free resources and ideas to get you started.

Walking events

Look for walking events to take part in as a workplace. Living Streets’ own Walk to Work Week is a free annual event to get people walking more to, from and at work. Walk to Work Week 2013 is running from 13-17 May 2013. Find our more about Walk to Work Week and sign up to take part.

Travel surveys

Do you know how your staff and colleagues get to work? How many people are already walking as part of their journey? How can you involve other colleagues? Get the lowdown before you start to give you a much better idea of what's going on and which is the best approach.

Internal communication

Add information on walking to your intranet, bulletins and staff newsletters. People may not know how easy it is to walk from a different stop or station.

  • Offer maps showing mainline stations and landmarks within walking distance of your office. Include these on your website and in recruitment packs to encourage suppliers, new employees and other visitors to walk to your office.
  • Start a buddy system for colleagues who live close to each other to walk to and from work together.
  • Set up a lunchtime walks scheme for groups of employees. This can be a great way to get out of the office at lunch as well as boost team spirit.
  • Promote local walking events. Look out for charity fundraising walks – or why not organise a walking event of your own? Living Streets runs national Walk to Work Week every year; you can even hold one in your office, whenever you like! Email for more information.


People hate getting lost. Help them find their way around by providing them with walking-friendly directions to get to work. For more information, have a look at our guide to finding your way.

Put this info on your staff intranet, include it in your induction packs and attach to interview invitation letters, as well as on your external website and as information for visitors. This way everyone can arrive feeling fresh, happy and on time.

Leading by example

Getting support from senior management is vital if you want to make changes. Maybe your CEO already makes walking part of their journey? If not, there are so many business benefits that it won't take long to convince them walking in the workplace is the way forward.

If you need some help persuading key people in your workplace, we can help. Email for more information.