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Putting walking at the heart of any community can enhance the local economy, increase community cohesion, benefit the health of residents and have a positive environmental impact.

Streets and public spaces are most successful when local people have the opportunity to influence decisions about them. Living Streets can help you achieve this.

As the UK experts in creating walking friendly environments, our approach is proven to help local authorities:

  • Increase footfall for shops and services and creating the environment to attract new businesses
  • Understand and overcome local issues to tackle barriers to walking
  • Encourage an active and sustainable approach to travel.

Use the links below to see how we can help, or call Richard Mullis on 020 7377 4900 or to discuss your needs.

Improving the local economy

We work in towns, cities and local high streets to identify ways of improving the street environment to improve accessibility and maximise dwell time. By engaging with businesses, residents and community groups through Community Street Audits, we can facilitate negotiations when there is conflict between stakeholders. We can help you make your case for investment by providing statistics, reports and evaluations which demonstrate that a good walking environment can increase commercial rentals, house prices and attract businesses and customers to your area.

Breaking down barriers to walking

Through our Community Street Audits, we can find ways to overcome safety concerns and improve accessibility to local shops and facilities.

  • By auditing routes to public transport hubs, we can support the shift to other modes of sustainable travel.
  • We work with parents, pupils and teachers to identify barriers to walking on school routes and assist in securing implementation of an action plan.

Encouraging behaviour change

We run the national Walk to School campaign and work with nearly two million children on primary and secondary school walking programmes. We can work with you to get more children walking to school. We also run national Walk to Work Week, where we encourage people to incorporate more activity into their daily routines. We can help you get your employees walking, and our Walk Doctors can give tailored walking advice to employees in your workplace.

We also run walking champion training workshops where employees can learn how to make the case for walking to obtain senior level buy in and support for ideas, and effectively communicate the benefits of walking and undertake activities to achieve sustained behaviour change in your workplace.

These workshops can be provided exclusively for representatives from your organisation or you can contact us to find out when there is regional event being held near you.

Community street audits

We can audit routes to schools, workplaces, public transport links or around neighbourhoods. Through our community street audits, we engage with stakeholders to identify local issues and find ways to improve accessibility, safety and vibrancy. We facilitate discussions to secure a feasible and realistic action plan for low cost, high impact improvements alongside longer term aspirations.

Find out more today - contact Richard Mullis on 020 7377 4900 or to discuss your needs.