Healthier workplaces

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Encouraging active lifestyles will help improve the health and wellbeing of your employees. It'll also reduce stress and increase motivation.

In addition to the wellbeing of their own employees, more businesses are seeking ways to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, the environment and the local communities in which they operate.

We work with businesses throughout the UK to:

  • Improve the health and wellbeing of employees
  • Write and deliver effective travel plans
  • Help responsible employers with initiatives around reducing carbon and supporting local communities.

Workplace audits and travel planning

We can help you achieve targets for modal shift with a travel plan to promote the benefits of sustainable and active travel.

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Walk Doctor events

Walk Doctor events are a popular way of engaging any audience you wish to reach and inspiring them to make walking a more prominent part of their lifestyle.

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Walking Champion Training

The key to sustaining a real shift in travel behaviour is keeping the momentum between large scale ...

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Info for councils

Promoting walking can enhance local economies, increase community cohesion and have positive environmental and health impacts.

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Promoting walking at work

Promoting walking can reduce stress levels, increase motivation and improve health.

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Workshops and training

More and more responsible employers are adopting a proactive approach to staff wellbeing. Research ...

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