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Shelia and Jack the dogOlder people are reclaiming their streets in 2015

Shelia, 80, lives in Doncaster with her dog Jack and two cats. She has cataracts so her vision is slightly blurred, and she lives within a triangle of main roads.

Because there is no access for pedestrians across the main roads, she says: ‘Jack and I are limited to where we can walk.’

This year Shelia will be speaking at an event in Parliament to let politicians know about the challenges older people face just to get around with obstacles such as pavement parking, speeding traffic and inadequate pedestrian crossings.

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Ask your MP to pledge to help older pedestrians in 2015

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Susie Morrow, chair of Wandsworth Living Streets local group, tells us about their work to improve streets in Battersea.

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"To make walking safer and easier for older people, I will..."

Pledges by MPs, supporters and Living Streets staff from our Parliamentary reception on 2 February.

Ask your MP to pledge to help older pedestrians in 2015


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