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Look at the image on the right. For many older people, our roads appear just this daunting.

Join our campaign to make walking safer and easier.

For many older people, our streets can seem like an obstacle course.

Trying to navigate high kerbs can be really difficult for people with reduced mobility. They can feel inhospitable, creating no go areas. Speeding traffic, cars parked on pavements and inadequate crossings can also put people off too.

These things can make getting out and about to make journeys to the doctor’s or to visit friends really difficult. 

There are solutions which can improve people like Maureen and her neighbours' everyday experience of their local streets:

  • Extending times at pedestrian crossings by just three seconds

  • Reducing speed limits to 20mph

  • Cracking down on pavement parking

This needs to be a priority for the next government, and each party’s political manifestos are being written right now.

Write to your MP asking for their party's election manifesto to include a commitment for making walking safer and easier for older people.

By coming together we can ensure that people can stay active and independent in later life.

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