Walk once a Week

The Walk once a Week (WoW) scheme has been running since 2005.

Today, it encourages over 450,000 children to get walking across the UK, increases walking to primary school by 26%,  and can cut driving by more than a third.

Our Travel Tracker hits a million!

Despite only launching at the start of the academic year, we have already seen over a million active journeys to school logged using our Travel Tracker software.

The Travel Tracker uses the classroom whiteboard and combines with the WoW scheme to make walking to school more engaging than ever before.

» Find out how the Travel Tracker is revolutionising school travel planning

» Take part in the celebrations on social media and see a live feed in our blog post

» Order access for your school(s) in our shop

Here comes summer! Resources available now

WoW Catalogue Summer 2014Strider continues his journey through time in the summer term, teaching children about key milestones in history as he goes.

April begins with badges and wallcharts on the theme of the Industrial Revolution. He then takes a trip on the Titanic, experiences the blitz in World War II and ends his journey with a trip into space to witness the lunar landing.

You can buy badges, wallcharts, our new Travel Tracker software and a full range of other goodies in our online shop, or by downloading our catalogue and order form.


Badge design competition now open

Get your colouring pencils at the ready... ready, steady, go!

The WoW badge competition 2014 is now officially open - and runs until Wednesday 19 March. This year's theme is "When I grow up", so we are looking for vibrant and colourful designs that capture 4-to-11-year-olds' ambitions for the future and what they want to be.

Winners will have their design made into a WoW scheme badge worn by more than 300,000 school children. They will also be invited to a prestigious awards ceremony in London and receive free WoW resources for their school for a year.

You can find out more about the competition on our dedicated page. Or, if you can't wait to get started, then download your entry form right now!



Introducing our WoW sponsor...


Living Streets is proud to announce that Start-rite are the official sponsor of WoW 2013/14, helping more children across the UK walk to school.

Trusted by generations of parents for centuries, Start-rite promote the importance of having children’s feet measured properly and fitted with quality fitted footwear to support happy and healthy feet.

Visit the Start-rite site

How WoW works

The scheme can be run during any term. Each class records their daily journey on the wallcharts and at the end of each month every child that has walked at least once each week, is rewarded with a collectable WoW badge.

These popular badges are designed by children themselves in one of the largest children’s art competitions and are manufactured in the UK using recycled yoghurt pot material.

To join, take a look at our getting started guide, order some classroom resources and get walking.


Getting started with WoW

Whether you're a teacher, parent, or local authority, it's easy to get involved in WoW. All you need to get started are WoW resources, such as badges and wallcharts, and to follow our guidance to running WoW below.
Download our step by step guide to starting WoW!

There is lots of information in the above document but the 8 key steps are:

Step 1: Visit the website and sign up to our enews - see the top right of this page. You may also wish to contact us at to find out if your local authority and schools in your area are already involved in WoW.

Step 2: Order resources to get started.

Step 3: Tell everyone about WoW

Step 4: Run a launch event to kickstart WoW!

Step 5: Run WoW

Step 6: Develop WoW

Step 7: Take part in the badge design competition

Step 8: Maintain momentum

Our top tip for running WoW is strong communication; make sure everyone understands what it is and how to join in.

Don’t forget, there’s a lot of support out there for you to get started! Contact your local authority if you are a parent, or your child’s school, to see how they can help.

If you are a parent, and you’re not sure who to talk to at your child's school, try the PE teacher, travel plan lead, healthy schools lead, PSHE lead or the head teacher.

WoW Monitors

Don’t forget the pupils play a leading role in WoW. Teachers are increasingly recruiting WoW monitors (who are often older children) to help run WoW. This helps children with numeracy, monitoring and citizenship.

We have a booklet for WoW monitors explaining exactly what needs to be done and you can use either the WoW Champion or Strider badges to help them stand out in class.

It couldn’t be easier.

Proof WoW works

Several independent evaluations of our Walk once a Week (WoW) scheme have shown the measurable positive impact the scheme has on increasing schools' walking levels. The full reports can be downloaded below. Here are just some of the highlights from the 2012 evaluation of our WoW expansion project, which engaged new schools onto the scheme from 2010 to 2012:

  • Walking to school is successfully enhanced by the WoW scheme as the proportion of walking increased from 43% at baseline in 2010 to 54% in 2012.
  • Active travel has been replacing motorised travel, which fell from 46% in 2010 to 29% in 2012.
  • The WoW project is very effective due to its incentives, education and awareness raising. The peak effect of the WoW scheme can be seen in the first year of intervention, maybe due to the rewards given in the form of badges, but continued use of WoW beyond this initial first year still leads to a sustained increase in walking far above the baseline.
  • 90% of teachers reported that they found WoW easy to run in the classroom.

 Earlier evaluations also showed:

  • Just under a fifth of pupils surveyed reported that they started walking because of WoW.
  • Approximately 67% of children surveyed reported that they walk with a family member to school, which shows that WoW and walking to school doesn’t just involve children, but also other members of their family.
  • Strategically WoW helps local authorities and partners achieve health-based targets.
  • Children engage rapidly and easily with WoW and for the younger children the process of walking, logging or recording their walk, and receiving badges is fun with a high value placed on the badge reward system.

To support schools to boost walking rates even further, Living Streets is now working intensively with schools across the country on our Walk to School Outreach project.

Email for more details on our reports. Or click here if you want to get started with WoW now.


WoW evaluation report 2012 - download now

WoW evaluation report 2011 - download now

WoW evaluation report 2009 - download now

Ways to fund WoW

In the current financial climate with budgets being cut, local authorities and schools are showing that there are lots of innovative ways to fund Walk Once a Week (WoW).

We have developed our Walk Once a Week (WoW) fundraising toolkit which has been designed to give you information and ideas on fundraising within your school to help support and sustain your involvement in the Living Streets' Walk to School campaigns. Whilst primarily focusing on the WoW scheme, everything can easily be adapted to support our other scheme such as Walk to School Week, and Walk to School Month.

Throughout this document you will find useful information on the WoW scheme itself and ready made templates, routes to fundraising, and tips for approaching local businesses to ask for their support.

Download the Walk Once a Week (WoW) fundraising toolkit.

Downloadable sections:

Writing to a local business template letter (MS Word file)

Sponsorship form template (MS Word file)

Fund-o-meter template (pdf format)

Strider collection box (pdf format)

Ways to fund WoW for Local Authorities and PCTs