Help us cut down congestion at the school gates

Hello, I'm Kevin, Living Streets' Policy and Public Affairs Manager.

Tragically 1,545 child pedestrians were killed or seriously injured on our roads last year. The truth is, that with better designed roads and improved traffic management, these lives could have been saved.

I’m working across government to do just that, and I urgently need your help.

Please give just £10, or whatever you can afford, and help us campaign for a safe walk to school for all children

Living Streets works with schools, local authorities and families across the country to help 1.9 million children walk to school safely each year.

They all tell us that traffic congestion around the school gates is a big problem - making roads unsafe, causing air pollution.

This puts our children at risk, and also affects people who live and work nearby.

Your donation can help change this

My team will be launching a campaign to tackle this during Walk to School Week 2014.

We’ll launch a report on the dangers of congestion around schools and lay out recommendations to government.

By raising public awareness and gathering support, we can lobby effectively to make change happen. But I  need your help.

Research and information requests can be costly. A donation from you will help us gather the evidence to make our case to policy makers compelling and activate support to make sure they take action.

Please give £10 today or whatever you can afford and support us to make sure our children can walk to school safely.

Thank you, Kevin

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