Using the Christmas Calorie Cruncher in your workplace

It’s that time of year again when we run the risk of indulging in one too many festive treats. It’s not surprising that over the Christmas period we put on an average of 5 lbs!

Both at home and at work, people will be surrounded by festive treats so there’s all the more reason to encourage them to be active:

  • Overindulging? Walking can help aid digestion as well as burn off those extra calories
  • Under-pressure? Walking is a great way to put time aside to think things through and unwind with friends or alone
  • Over-budget? Save some money by getting some walking into the daily commute
  • Uninspired? A lunchtime walk around the local shops can be a source of gift ideas

So to help you keep your colleagues active in the run up to Christmas we’ve said goodbye to the mince pie calculator, and now present the Christmas calorie cruncher!

Just enter how long you have walked, type in your weight (to make our estimation more accurate), and we’ll tell you which festive nibble you’ve walked.

Christmas Calorie Cruncher 2013

Obviously this isn't to encourage people to indulge in eating more unhealthily, it's just a fun way to draw attention both to how many calories they're consuming, and making them aware of how beneficial walking is as a form of exercise.

Try the Christmas Calorie Cruncher

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Mince pie

Why not raise a few smiles and send it to your colleagues? If you have time, we have a number of resources and ideas to help you use the calculator at work to get your colleagues walking more (and give you an excuse to bring in some mince pies).


Download these free electronic resources to help you promote the mince pie calculator in your workplace: